From the recording KCSM Desert Island Introduction

This is a live interview program that invites guests to bring recordings they'd want with them on an imaginary desert island. Each guest is also asked to bring a book and one luxury item. It was great fun!

These clips are only the interview portions of the show. Check the list above for the music I selected.


Alisa gives my bio and welcomes me to the Desert Island.

The recordings I chose were: "Stopgap"*, from "Amazing Space."

"Salt Peanuts," from "Jazz At Massey Hall."

"Without Your Love" from "Billie Holiday, The Golden Years."

"Ugly Beauty" from "Monk's Bones.

"Blue & Sentimental"* from "Off The Ground."

"Aria" from "Bach Bachianas, The Yale Cellos of Aldo Parisot" Arleen Auger, soprano solist.

"In My Solitude," from "Ella Fitzgerald Day Dream: best of the Duke Ellington Songbook."

"In Front," from "Facing You," Keith Jarrett.

Max Perkoff favors a fairly straightforward tone; the integrity of his lines is what counts. ” - Kevin Whitehead

— "Fresh Air" on National Public Radio.