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… an enjoyable evening listening to the clear, open, melodic voice of singer LINDA KOSUT. It’s musical, it’s lyrical, and on her ballads I wanted to dance a slow dance with a lithe and beautiful woman. A charming, relaxed, comfortable performer, on key vocally and emotionally. The ballads work, the jazz works, and so do the side trips into country and comedic. Her band, led by Max Perkoff, is a perfectly-timed ensemble that gently lifts each song. The show is entertaining from start to finish. I had a great time and look forward to her return to New York.” - Richmond Shepard

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She then slides into a smooth rendition of “I Ain’t Got Nobody” (Graham/Williams) where she really connects with her rapt audience as Max Perkoff provides some fine trombone back-up." This is an excerpt from a glowing review of "Drunk With Love, a Tribute to Frances Faye, starring Terese Genecco.” - Tom W. Kelly

To say it is a high energy show would be the understatement of the year. The band in New York also included Brian Fishler (drums), Joe Corsaro (percussion), Fil Lorenz on woodwinds, Max Perkoff on trombone and Bud Burridge on trumpet.Tom Hubbard was on bass on opening night, but Bill Moring also does some shows. These are top pros all, who are very much part of the celebration, as evidenced by the interplay and high flying playing.” - Rob Lester

Max Perkoff (son of famous pianist Si Perkoff) masterfully helms the musical direction. A sensational smile accompanies his charming demeanor. The songs flow smoothly as he seamlessly shifts moods and melodies. And while playing piano, he exhibits the expertise and ease of a natural musician. The handsome Daniel Fabricant stylishly plucks a jazzy bass. Terrific backup." Click on link to read entire article.” - Tom W. Kelly

San Francisco Bay Times

Wanda Stafford with Si Perkoff and Max Perkoff at the Nazareth House in San Rafael, California. These excellent musicians donate their time and talent to Bread & Roses, the organization, founded by Mimi Fariña (JN March 1998) in 1974, that brings entertainment to people confined in institutions. The show was hosted by Mary Alice Kirincic, a volunteer for Bread & Roses. Ms. Kirincic stated that for the last 23 years Bread & Roses has been bringing performers to this elderly convalescent facility. Wanda Stafford's selection of songs for this gig was delivered very tastefully, accompanied by Si Perkoff on piano and Max Perkoff on trombone, to about fifty very attentive people. Wanda said she choose these particular songs because she felt that the audience would be familiar with the tunes and lyrics. "Honeysuckle Rose," "Summertime," "I Don't Know Why", were sung by Wanda. Si Perkoff sang "Moonlight in Vermont," and explained that it was patterned after a Japanese Haiku three line poem. Wanda had the audience sing along on "I Can't Give You Anything but Love," "It Had To Be You," "Look Down That Lonesome Road," "You Made Me Love You." Max Perkoff's trombone solo was beautifully haunting on the last piece.” - Haybert K. Houston

— Bread & Roses internet article